Tire Change Season Is Here And It Is Time To Get New Tires On Your Subaru

Springtime is here and that means many Pittsburg drivers will be taking their winter tires off since the freezing cold temperatures and icy roads are melting away. Or if you don't change your tires over from season to season it may be time to invest in a new set of tires to ensure safe and reliable performance. Either way, Bowser Subaru has all of your tire needs covered.

Your tires are one of the most important parts of your Subaru's performance and provide you with a commanding grip the road in good and bad conditions to ensure safe and reliable performance. Which is why proper tire tread depth is vital as well as regularly rotating your tires to ensure even tread wear. Subaru recommends Pittsburgh drivers have their tires rotated roughly every 6-8,000-miles. Which is easy to stay on top of because that mile interval is also the recommended interval for oil changes.

If you are among the many drivers who change their tires seasonally it is time to have your tires swapped over. Winter tires are made from thicker rubber that better withstands colder temperatures and features deep treads for maximum traction in snow. While summer tires are designed to make maximum contact with the road and push water away from the center of the tire. Summer tires are lighter than winter tires and will boost your fuel economy; which is something that everyone in Pleasant Hills likes to hear.

Be sure schedule your appointment today with our service center to get your Subaru in to have your tires swapped over. And if your Subaru needs either new summer or winter tires you can visit our tire store online. Or swing by the dealership and talk with our parts staff in person and they will help you find the tires that are just right for you and your Subaru.

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