The Subaru Legacy Has Unbeatable Value

The Subaru Legacy is unbeatable in overall value. With its unbelievable fuel economy, safety features, spacious comfort, and performance all for a great price, you really can't beat what it has to offer.

The Legacy comes equipped with a fun to drive 2.5-liter Subaru Boxer four-cylinder engine, and delivers an incredible fuel economy of 36 mpg on the highway and 26 in the city. While other cars may be able to boast similar fuel economy, none of them are equipped the way the Legacy is. With standard all-wheel drive, the Legacy offers better performance in all driving conditions, especially in that unexpected Pittsburgh snow. It also handles better with power being dispersed throughout all four wheels for a gripping and thrilling drive anywhere.

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The interior of the car is beautifully designed to allow for the utmost comfort. It also has a number of available integrated safety and technology features that make the Legacy even more desirable. With Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, you can manage your messages and phone calls as well as music and navigation simply by speaking the words or using the controls on the steering wheel. With the available Eyesight Driver Assist, the car will actually monitor traffic movements, help you stay within your lane, and even stop on its own if it senses danger and you fail to do so in time. With all of these features, Subaru is making it safer for everyone out on the road.

If you're interested in learning more about all of the amazing qualities the Legacy has to offer, come visit us at Bowser Subaru and one of our experts will set you up in a test drive to allow you to see for yourself the amazing driving performance of the Legacy.

Subaru Legacy vs Ford Fusion

  • A familiar sticking point to Subaru drivers is the brand's exceptional ability to provide well-valued vehicles, which the Ford Fusion can't hold up to. While both the Legacy and the Fusion start off at similar prices just below $23,000, you would have to pay up to $29,015 to find a Fusion with all-wheel drive capability included.
  • No matter which of the Fusion's trim levels you consider, the sedan is unable to match the high standard for fuel efficiency set by the Subaru Legacy. With an EPA-estimated 25 city and 34 highway mpg, you'll be able to cruise significantly longer before having the refuel. The Fusion only offers an estimated 21 city and 32 highway mpg.
  • Not only is the Legacy better valued and suited for longer adventures, but it will guarantee your safety to a greater degree than the Fusion can - thanks to its perfect frontal and side safety ratings.

Subaru Legacy vs Nissan Altima

  • Similar to the Fusion, the Nissan Altima is able to keep its price close to that of the Legacy with a MSRP of $23,765, but can't eclipse the exceptional $22,815 cost of the Legacy.
  • The Legacy is eager to stand out from the Altima in regards to interior comforts as well, by providing more cubic feet of passenger volume than Nissan's sedan could muster.
  • One of our favorite features in the Subaru lineup is the standard all-wheel drive capability, and unfortunately it can't be experienced in the Altima. Nissan's sedan models, including the Altima, come with front-wheel drive only, while their crossovers and SUVs only can offer all-wheel drive.

Subaru Legacy vs Chevrolet Malibu

  • Much like it other competitors, the Subaru Legacy sticks out from the Chevrolet Malibu with a more budget-friendly price tag. Compared to the $24,100 starting price of the Malibu, the Legacy is much more financially flexible with its $22,815 MSRP.
  • While we must admit that the Malibu maintains a slight edge over the Legacy in terms of fuel economy, where it truly lacks is its fuel tank capacity. With only a 13 gallon tank, the Malibu falls short of the 537 mile fuel range of the Legacy's 18.5 gallon tank by over 100 miles.
  • Just like the Altima, the Chevrolet Malibu offers a ride that is free from any all-wheel drive ability - making it a much less flexible option for drivers looking to experience plenty of off-road fun.

Subaru Legacy vs. Honda Accord

  • If you're searching for excellent driving performance you'll find it in the Legacy, with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive compared to front-wheel drive in the Accord.

  • The Legacy costs less than the Accord as well, with a starting MSRP price of $21,745 compared to $22,205 in the Accord.

  • The Legacy offers a better turning diameter, making for better maneuverability wherever you go. The Legacy has a turning diameter of 36.8 compared to 38.1 on the Accord.

Subaru Legacy vs. Toyota Camry

  • Again the Legacy offers a more engaging and capable driving performance through all-wheel drive, while the Camry has front-wheel drive.

  • The Legacy offers better fuel economy than the Camry, with an average combined mpg of 30 compared to 28 from the Camry.

  • The Legacy has a lower base MSRP price than the Camry by just over $1,000 with a price of $21,745 compared to $23,070 in the Camry.

The Subaru Legacy is Changing the Midsize Sedan Forever!

In the segment of midsize cars, things can get confusing quickly. With so many vehicles to choose from how do you really know which one is the biggest bang for your buck? Well here at Bowser Subaru we want to help you in making that decision. We know that buying a new car is a big investment, and one that should be thought about carefully. Which is why we're here to help you make the most informed decision possible about your next new vehicle. If you want your next car to be reliable, offer unmatched driving performance, and have the efficiency to save you money at the pump, then the Subaru Legacy is a perfect option. To help put the Legacy into perspective we are going to compare the base model to the base model Toyota Camry, and base model Honda Accord, so you can decide for yourself what's important to you!

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