Sell Your Car in Pleasant Hills, PA

Bowser Subaru is here to offer a fast & simple process to sell your car in Pleasant Hills, PA. Get cash for your car, truck or SUV at our dealership nestled in the southern Pittsburgh suburbs. Skip the hassles of a private sale and get cash for your car from our dealership today! We are a reputable car-buyer who will do all we can to save you the precious time & headaches that come with selling your car on your own. 

See what your car is worth, and contact us today to take the next steps

You Can Sell Your Car in Pleasant Hills, PA Quickly & Easily

If you have an old Subaru, a used Toyota, or any car, truck or SUV that you'd like to sell, Bowser Subaru will be happy to buy it from you. It doesn't matter the make or model, and you can use it as a trade-in or just sell your vehicle outright for cash. You're under no obligation to buy anything from us in return.

Why Sell My Car to Bowser Subaru?

We make it quick and simple to sell your car in Pleasant Hills, PA. Compared to trying to sell your car via private sale around Pittsburgh, our process will save you from dealing with flakey buyers and most importantly save you precious time & effort. Private sales spend time and money advertising it. Then you'll have to take the time to entertain prospective buyers with test drives and inspections. All the while, you'll continue to pay for gas, insurance and any car payments you have left.

At Bowser Subaru, you can skip all that hassle and get cash quick. You can come to our dealership and walk away with a check in the same day! 

How Do I Find Out How Much My Car Is Worth?

You can use our online form to get an estimate of your car's worth, or get an online offer for your car powered by Kelley Blue Book. Just put in your contact information and then as much information as you can about your car and its condition. We'll contact you shortly with a competitive value. If you like what you see, feel free to come down to Pleasant Hills to sell it.

What Do I Need to Bring When I Sell My Car?

Bring the car, of course, as well as all the keys and documents related to the car. These documents include things like the title, bill of sale, warranty documents and maintenance records. If you don't have these on hand near Pittsburgh, we can absolutely still work with you, but having these documents with you will speed up the process. We'll double-check that the car is in working order, and you can get cash for it that very day.

Visit Our Dealership in Pleasant Hills, PA to Sell Your Car Today

If you don't want to know ahead of time what your used vehicle is worth, you can come visit our dealership right away. We'll take a look at your car and give you the estimate while you're here at Bowser Subaru. Selling your SUV, compact car or truck around Pittsburgh is quick and easy.